Today carpenters can discover various brands and types of band saws for sale on retail and online shops but before making the purchase decision it is really important to understand what you require from the band saw.  To gauge your requirements you should know of the parameters used to evaluate a group saw’s capabilities and prowess.  Following are the 5 factors you want to take into Consideration prior to making your purchase:

Motor Capacity & Size

Unless you are limited by other aspects, always choose a bigger sized engine since they don’t burn as quickly as their smaller counterparts.  Depending on your requirements 1 Horse Power is the minimum you should aim for, but for moderate duty jobs, you should get something which supplies more than 2 Horse Power.  You will find saws for sale in the marketplace with more oomph however, you won’t want them unless you are going to do some heavy duty work.

Always attempt to select the saw that comes with a motor larger in size.  As a general principle, bear in mind that between two motors using same power rating, that bigger one will last longer and perform more reliably.

Throat Size

The bigger the neck dimensions, the bigger the cutting capacity of this band saw.  A group saw with 15 inch of neck dimensions can cut timber around 15 inch in diameter.  Many producers use smaller wheels in band saws to grow the cutting depth of the saw but bear in mind that the smaller the width of the blade, the lesser its life would be.  If you are looking for something which may cut larger widths and continues longer, opt for the one with larger diameter.

Cutting Blade Width

Majority of the band saws on the market normally go using a thin blade of 1/8 inches to achieve detailed designs and create sharp cuts.  Consequently, if you want sophisticated detailed work that involves curves then you should opt for a thinner blade.  But if you are looking to make straight cuts thicker timbre then wider cutting blades are the ideal way to go.

Wheel Diameter

It’s another important factor when purchasing a band saw.  Speaking in layman terms, the bigger the wheel, the greater the band saw.  Bigger wheels tend to stay straight and the possibility of bending is minimal.  On the other hand smaller wheels tend to flex more often.  That is why you should also attempt to avoid band saws which come together with three wheels and stick to two wheel grips.  Band gears containing three wheels normally have smaller sized wheels that because of the smaller diameter are more likely to bending.

Band Saw Table

To carry out your cutting job you will need a table.  The qualities a fantastic table owns are that it stays completely stable and stationary during the operation, doesn’t bend or curve at all and is constructed of heavy duty metal, generally cast iron or aluminum.  For similar reasons, experts do not recommend tables which are made of sheet metal because they can bend and flex easily costing you more in the long haul