Rugby, football, hockey, netball, cricket, baseball, basketball… what do they all have in common? Yes, that’s right, they are all incredibly popular team sports. They are part of our lives from a young age. What are the main benefits of participating in team sports?


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Improved health (mental and physical)

Taking part in team sports provides consistent exercise through training sessions and game time. The benefits of exercise are well-known and include boosted immunity, higher lung capacity and reduced obesity levels. In addition to benefiting your physical health, researchers from LSE found that participating in team sports can boost long-term happiness.

Social bonding

Team sports are all about bringing people together to achieve one shared goal. Being part of a team can bring a sense of belonging and help form and develop healthy relationships and friendships with peers who have similar interests. Many friendships formed on the sports pitch last a lifetime.

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Developing life skills

Participating in team sports can help to build and develop a number of skills that can prove very useful across all areas of life. These include (but are not limited to) leadership, communication, empathy, confidence, resilience, and tactical planning.

However, the main skill that it helps develop is the ability to work with others. Taking part in a sport with many players on a team means that you will have to work closely with other people. This skill can prove vital in order to complete group projects at school or college, be successful at work, and even to raise a family.

Building respect

Another benefit of playing a team sport is developing respect for authority. Unless you are very fortunate to be your own boss, you need to respect managers and superiors and follow their orders. Everybody deserves respect, and taking part in team sports is a great way to learn how to show it.

Learning to win and lose

Learning how to deal with losing on the pitch will guide the way that you respond to bigger losses in life, and learning to be a humble victor will also prove valuable and help you make friends.