Thinking of undergoing blepharoplasty? If so, preparation is vital in undergoing an eyelid surgery. And that means putting serious thought in knowing what to do and what not to do for the success of the operation. For a guided decision, read on!

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts guidelines

A plastic Surgeon has reminders and rules that you need to strictly follow before the conduct of the operation visit Dr Naveen Somia for more details. This means that your cooperation is highly required before, during and after your eyelid surgery. Be responsible to do your part, or the risk of having complications and failure of the operation may take place.

Make a list of things to do.

Be dutiful. List all the things that you needed and the tasks that you must undergo. This will serve as your checklist to figure out whether or not you have done the required things to practice. Listed below are some of those.

Before The Surgery

Stop you drinking and smoking session. Do this one week before the eyelid surgery.

Secure supply of medication kit. Painkillers and vitamins should always be available. Put a label for you to be guided and not get mistaken. Include the dosage needed and the time when to take the medicine.

Make an arrangement to someone who will be with you during the course of the operation. This includes the task of sending you to the hospital and bringing you back home. It is expected that after the eyelid surgery, you will be sleepy and tired due to the medicines so it is very necessary that you there is someone to help you.

In advance, prepare frozen and/or readymade meals. Do not also forget to have plenty of fruits and vegetables. For fast recovery, the food to eat must be nutritious.

Pack the things that you possibly needed during the stay in the hospital. Do not forget your toiletries, comfortable clothing, and personal hygiene kit.

Eat in proper time. You must be physically and emotionally healthy.

Most importantly, choose a trusted surgeon in Sydney like Dr Naveen Somia to remove those puffy fat deposits on your upper or lower eyelids.

After The Surgery

Do not involve in too much physical activities such as bending and lifting to avoid the escalation of the flow of your blood to your eyes. Be careful of your actions. You must be gentle in doing things to avoid any complications. As much as possible locate needed items in place you can easily reach.

Do not engage in activities where you need to use your eyes for a lot of time. Reading and/or viewing television programs are not good for a person who undergoes eyelid surgery. Wait for the time of your recovery.

Do not wear contact lenses; rather you can try wearing dark eyeglasses. The contact lenses may bring irritation, while the dark eye glasses may protect your eyes from any harmful factors in the surroundings.

Use most of the time resting. Your fast recovery will be based on your behavior and proper care for yourself. Have a goal of getting well soon.

Strictly follow the advices of the doctor. Do what is being said to you and avoid the things that will bring implications to your condition.

The success of your eyelid surgery depends to your preparations and actions before and after the operation.