Now the secret is out in the open, how these Hollywood actors can manage to keep them in good shape. That is because of the wonder drug called Clenbuterol. This wonder drug is not any new discovery, but it exists since last 30 years, but officially this drug was only meant to be used for animals. Now since we know how Clenbuterol has helped these celebrities to maintain well trimmed body, let us try to know a bit more about this drug.

Clenbuterol is used for weight loss

Not only celebrities, but also many professional athletes and models were also aware about its weight loss property. Most of the body builders will tell you that they have used at least once in their life. Many people also mistakenly think that it is some kind of steroid. This drug can also be used for treatment of asthma patients, something like an inhaler which is a steroid. However, clenbuterol is not a steroid.

Body builders usually use it for losing their excess weight. However, it does not help in building up of muscle. It actually falls under the group called beta2 agonists and it stimulates our central nervous system. The mechanism of action in the body promotes weight loss in number of ways.

Legally in most of the countries this was not meant for human consumption. Even those who consumed the meat of animal who was fed with this drug had reported certain health problems. That is why its use was allowed only for animals. Despite this, people found some way out to buy this drug and used it for their weight loss.

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Required dosages

The suggested dosage of this drug is from 20 mcg to 120 mcg. One should never exceed 120 mcg. One should start with the lowest dose. However, for men 40 mcg should be the starting point. For women 20 mcg will be safer.

Also you should not continue it for more than 6 weeks as extended usage may lead to certain side effects and addictions too. After 6 weeks you may take a gap of 2 weeks and increase your dosage a bit.

Another cycle could be 2 weeks on and then off for next 2 weeks. If you are first time user of clen then start with 20 mcg a day for 2 weeks then increase the dosage by 20 mcg in the next cycle till you reach 100 mcg in a day.  Experienced user may start with 40 mcg and then increase by 40 mcg after each cycle.