Each one of us is crazy about something or the other. Human nature dictates that one tries to continue doing an activity again and again, if one enjoys it a lot. Strong interests could be related to food, for some it could be about sports, while some others like movies. With a population of 7 billion globally, there can be unlimited choices, likes and dislikes.

People who have similar likes and dislikes tend to get closer, make a group, and try to enjoy things together. Such is also the case with body builders, who like working out and looking good. Many bodybuilders like working together in the gyms. And where interests are concerned, caring for your body is one of the better ones, as the human society should be a healthy and fit society.

When you think about body builders, you should also think about the industry behind it and the many research teams working day and night to make better workout machines, comfortable clothes, more effective and safer medicines and steroids, etc.

One such research team thought of trying to replace the use of synthetic products by herbal remedies, in order to boost the hormone level with the help of the pituitary gland. These types of drugs are called testosterone boosters.

How do ‘natural’ hormonal drugs work?

The question very commonly asked is that if these ‘natural’ drugs don’t provide hormones, then what’s the use of taking them? The body has chains of glands under the endocrine system that produce different types of hormones. The pituitary glands and hypothalamus glands work closely to produce testosterone hormones in a man’s body.

Both the glands are confined in the human brain, and whenever any imbalance of any hormone is sensed by the hypothalamus gland, it sends message to the pituitary gland, which in turn maintains the functioning of the glands and also regulates the amount of hormones secreted by the other glands. Therefore, the work of drugs that do not contain hormones is to make the hypothalamus gland send a signal to the pituitary gland.

For instance, if there is a low level of testosterone produced, the pituitary glands send the indication from the hypothalamus to the gland that produces testosterone and then more testosterone is produced by the relevant gland. This way, these drugs make your own body produce more testosterone rather than by substituting it from outside.

These products naturally create testosterone in your body and boost your body mass and strength. Just remember that some of these products are on NZ controlled substance schedule and if you live in New Zealand, you might find it hard to buy them