To begin with, Phentermine is a weight loss drug available only with a prescription. It is marketed in the hydrochloride form and acts by quenching the appetite. Phentermine is widely used in weight loss programs by the people especially obese. It can aid in burning the fats faster when combined with an ideal exercise regime and low-calorie diet. It is said that this drug can be of much use among the patients of obesity suffering from medical issues like hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia as well.

Phentermine 15mg prescription guidelines show that the BMI of the individual should be higher than 30. So one should first check their BMI and consult the doctor thereafter to understand the benefits and the possible aftermaths. Besides this drug is available in 30mg dose as well and only a doctor can help the person choose between the two.

It is not recommended for everyone

A minor is not eligible for taking this drug. Below 18, the person is a child, and it is their duty to believe in their genome and give a fair chance to the body through exercising and behavioral alterations. But, childhood obesity is becoming a growing concern across the world. Some adolescents take up to phentermine medicine without doctor’s prescription and this can cause severe damage to their health.

Those with health concerns like hypothyroidism, hypertension and psychological problems that elicit agitations should abstain from the use of Phen drugs. Also, stimulant drugs are highly undesirable for people suffering from cardiovascular disorders. People with a history of alcohol or drug abuse are not eligible to use it either. An adequate number of studies are not yet available to reduce the effects of weight loss pills on the pregnant women and their babies. It is thus recommended that females who are carrying babies or even breastfeeding the newborn should first consult the doctor. However, the FDA has disapproved of the phentermine medications by the pregnant ladies.


Does it really work?

While there has been substantial research supporting the weight loss effects of phentermine most work suggests that it should only be used for a short duration. A number of clinical studies reveal that phentermine can cause considerable weight loss in combination with exercise and dieting. But it fails to work on its own. The exact number of pounds lost is not certain because weight loss is a conglomerate of various factors. Factors like the extent of physical activity, sleeping pattern, diet, occupation, the amount of weight needed to be lost, not the same for every person. All these factors together influence the activity of drug at large.

Every individual has a customized dosage plan

Phentermine 15mg prescription guidelines vary from one person to another as well. One common guideline for everyone is that the medicine should be used early in the day so that it finds an entire day for action. If one is planning on taking phentermine then he/she should consult the doctor and inform him of any disease or any drugs that the person is using. This is essential because phentermine can interact with other medicines also and the doctor can make use of this information to prescribe the best suitable drug for the individual.