More and more homeowners are using their garages for extra storage space rather than for storing their car. If you want to have a well-organised garage and know exactly where everything is, here are some creative ideas for making the most of the space.


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Fit a slat wall

A slat wall, often used in shops, is a great way to keep smaller tools and accessories out of the way. You can hang a variety of baskets and hooks onto the wall to ensure that everything is within easy reach. Alternatively, you could use a pegboard, which works in a similar way.

Convert old furniture

Research by RAC Home Insurance shows that besides a car, DIY tools are the top items that are stored in garages, so you need to ensure they are organised properly. Instead of throwing out that old chest of drawers or table, you can reutilise it in the garage as a workbench or storage unit.

Give everyone their own space

When you have children, your garage can quickly become packed with a variety of outdoor toys and accessories. Give each person their own storage space, such as an old school locker, where they can keep all their items together.

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Maximise the floor space

One problem with storing items in the garage is that it can quickly become cluttered if you’re putting everything on the floor. In order to make more efficient use of the space, you could use vertical storage systems, like used pallet racking, which is available from online suppliers such as

Repurpose old pallets

Old wooden pallets have lots of different uses, and they can be a fantastic way to improve storage in a garage. For example, you could turn them on their side to keep garden tools or sports equipment all together. Used wooden crates are also ideal for use in the garage and can be used for storing muddy boots or keeping balls out of the way.

Bike storage

Bikes can take up a large amount of room in the garage, so try to think creatively when it comes to storing them. They can be hung on the wall using a securely fitted pole or even hung from the ceiling, as long as you make sure that you’ve fitted the hooks tightly enough.