Blogs have a unique way of representing a boring article. The boring news articles suddenly become too interesting to miss. Nothing new is there in the news reports nowadays and people might get bored reading the same news everywhere. It is up to the blogger how he is going to attract the audience to his blog. The blogger has to make sure that the article is trendy and unique and should peak reader’s interest. A blog can be handled by an individual or a group or company. They write about the article in their own way. Blogging has now become a trend. There are numerous blogs available online which you can follow. To make your search easier, listed below are some of the most popular blogs available that you need to follow right now.

  1. Engadget:

Engadget is popular for covering everything about the gadgets and the latest technology. They discuss the electronics and technologies on a daily basis. They are not only available in English but also in multiple other languages. Along with English version, they also have the blog in Spanish as well as the German language. This is one way to have more readers from different countries having different languages. It was created by Christopher Trout in the year 2004 and since then they are being followed by many readers.

  1. Pop Justice:

Having so many fresh news blogs discussing politics, technology, fashion, entertainment as one of their categories, Pop Justice is exclusively made for music. This music website has been launched by a freelance music journalist Peter Robinson. Having worked with many renowned publications, he launched his own website exclusively for music and they let you know how much they know about music. So this blog is for all the music lovers on earth.

  1. TreeHugger:

A blog which focuses on environment talks about sustainability and growth. It is one of the best blogs for environment-related issues to be followed. It has been rated as one of the top 25 blogs by TIME magazine in 2009. It has also been rated as a top sustainability blog in the year 2007. Surely, it is one of the blogs to visit just to know more about the current scenario our planet earth in detail.

  1. Slashdot:

It is also known as a blog for the Nerds. They are very popular for covering the news about Science and Technology. They write detailed stories on science and technology, politics. The news stories are evaluated by the users of the site and a comment section has been provided where you can share your views on a particular topic that has been shared.

  1. Serious Eats:

The generation is turning foodie. They want good food and fancy drinks. That is the sole purpose of launching the blog ‘Serious Eats’ by Ed Levine in 2011. He writes about the different types of food, shares the recipes for the food which are not so known to you. He also shares some simple, everyday food hacks and the best thing, he also shares about the best kitchen utensils that should be used for the different purpose and are available in the market. This blog is truly made for all the food lovers.