The internet has certainly taken over most of our lives in the last decade or so with just about everything available to search for or buy online now. We have become reliant on our mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers to provide us with immediate access to a whole world of information. And that is the beauty (and sometimes the curse) of the internet. So, what exactly do people search for the most?

Apart from the obvious adult sites which we’re not going to look at here, there are the usual topics you’d expect to find but also a few surprise ones as well.

  1. Gaming

Since the inception of all things internet, gaming is by far the biggest searched for subject online after activities of an adult nature that is. Millions of searches are made across a variety of keywords with some of the most searched for terms being – addicting games, free online games, games, dress up games, cool maths games, car games and cooking games. Games are big business and people are spending billions on them every year.


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  1. Mortgages

Not quite as exciting but the term ‘mortgage calculator’ is searched for more than 1.5 million times every month. With the housing market as tough as it though, people might not be getting past the search stage and can only dream of owning their own home.

  1. Vouchers

Everybody loves a bargain and the terms voucher, coupon and discount are all heavily searched for terms. Does it say something about the current economic climate or just that we all love getting a good deal?

  1. Diets

It might come as no surprise that many people search for different diets and methods for losing weight. The exact match of ‘how to lose weight fast’ is searched for 135,000 times each month. Food, restaurant information and delivery services also score highly so it seems after our dietary excesses we search for weight loss advice. It seems finding food recipes online could now be more popular than buying cookbooks. For a wide range of recipe ideas, visit

  1. Shopping

Online shopping makes it easier than ever to click, checkout and wait for your parcel to arrive. We love to use the internet for buying all manner of products from clothes, sportswear, electronic items and holidays to insurance, groceries and homeware. You name it, it’s probably available on Amazon!


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  1. Miscellaneous

It’s not just products that are searched for but services to. Bizarrely there is an exact match between those searching for marriage and those searching divorce. Maybe couples are weighing up their options before making the big commitment! Other searches include educational online home-based courses, hotels and short breaks, medical advice, news stories and celebrity names. Not only do we like to use the internet to help us organise our daily lives but it seems we love a bit of celeb gossip too.