Matching your suit and your shirt is a skill, and failure to get it right can ruin an outfit. This can be a costly mistake as you waste your hard-earned money on a new suit only to pair it with a mismatching shirt.


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This handy guide explains which colour shirt to wear with each suit colour.

The Pale Grey Suit

A more casual colour, pale grey gives more options for shirt colours because it matches both light and dark shades. Pale grey suits also allow you to wear a more modern style, flattering items such as crew-neck t-shirts, roll-neck sweatshirts and trainers. Colours such as white, pink, black and shades of blue all match a pale grey suit.

The Charcoal Suit

A more formal suit colour ideal for strict dress codes in the workplace, the charcoal suit is the most versatile in terms of colour matching. Colours such as white, neutral prints, black, pink and all shades of blue work with a charcoal suit. For shirt choice, look at a website such as

The Black Suit

Typically the most formal suit and traditionally reserved for weddings and funerals, this isn’t the most practical suit for daytime or social occasions. Black suits have a reputation for being dull, so if it’s in the right context, wear a shirt colour other than white, such as mid-blue or pink, or jazz up the suit with a pocket square or statement shoes. It is vital to also get a well-fitting suit.


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The Navy Suit

A great, versatile option for anything from a wedding to the office or a social event, the navy suit can also be dressed down with a t-shirt and white trainers. This colour choice can also be worn easily with almost any shirt colour, with the exception of dark blue and black. Shirt colours such as white, grey, pink, pale blues and even striped shirts work well. You might also consider mens Farah shirts.

The Blue Suit

Lighter or royal blue suits are a very modern and fashionable choice and a good option for social events, weddings, the office or even casual nights on the town. A fashion statement itself, a more understated shirt such as light blue or white is a good idea. Avoid dark and pastel-coloured shirts.