If we were to create a list of mobile and web apps that represent business tools, it would not be enough for just one post. Mashable has made a selection of the most productive and appreciated to work remotely and in a group, because the distances are no longer a limit and the remote working tools to be efficient in every working condition are there.

  1. Dropbox

I could not do without Dropbox to “transfer” files from one PC to another without countless pen-drives that are punctually lost, or to share files and folders – including pdf, video and audio formats – with working partners Who live a mile away from me without having to weigh the mail box, but exploit the cloud.

The freemium account space is 2.5GB , expandable up to 100GB with an annual fee of $ 100. Additionally, 250MB of space is “given” at the completion of 7 steps that the app requires to be inscribed as a pledge to pay for storage expansion.

  1.  ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a modern remote working tool that is easy-to-use and feature-rich. It is an innovative online tool that cannot disappoint you as it provides professional-level video conferencing services for remote workers. The necessity of this tool in making workers working remotely more productive can’t be emphasized enough. It enables smooth and high quality video conferencing in a way that mimics the face-to-face conversation. This is because it features HD videos and high quality audios. This feature creates a conducive environment to host high level online meetings where quality pictures and clarity sound is desirable.

  1. Flow

The software tool for task management. Project managers can easily manage projects in the to-do list by using a simple tool that allows you to sort projects and share tasks with team members even by mail, even if the person in question does not have an account on Flow.

  1. Skitch

Skitch, an Evernote product , is the app for creators who want to communicate captured images, or to add annotations to a document or point out interest, or even send graphic designs and ideas over the phone or save them to desktop .

  1. Google Suite

The Google Business Package is packed with widely used tools – see Gmail, Calendaring, Google Drive, and Docs – to work in the cloud. Google Hangouts is part of Google’s business tools. Skype alternatives often likes to work remotely with up to 10 people, sharing photos, videos, animations, and so on.

  1. Time

Time is a very useful app that acts as a calendar manager, which is supplemented with appointments, directions, contact information, and how much more functional the appointment or the calendar event. The app delocalizes events, as it leverages integration with Foursquare and Yelp . Not being strictly targeted at the business, the target audience is quite broad and can be integrated into the daily lives of each and every one to make an order on the agenda.

  1. Evernote Business

A tool for working in the company and communicating between functions and departments to support problem solving and strategy development with the help of a collaborative software. A Evernote base account can be integrated into the Premium, using the business tool. 2GB of personal memory and an integration up to 2GM for the company.