Evoking your dog to become active with a walk or a fetch game is a common health practice for the pet. However, when it’s about cats, several people don’t remember the value of exercise.

One of the best cat hospital in Sydney like Gordon Vet Hospital recommends cat exercises to keep cats in a healthy condition even in their old age. Although a cat is not very happy to exercise like a dog, you can apply a few strategies that will induce them to become active. Here they are.

1. Find Exercise Partners

Since there are high chances that you will get frustrated when your cat won’t respond to your invitations to play as readily as your dog might, experts suggest a seemingly simple solution to make sure that your feline child will get the required exercise.

Find an exercise partner for your cat. It’s a common observation that a pair of cats who get along well can get ample exercise through their own chasing games and wrestling. There are several old cats who still fight like kittens. Vets also suggest that it’s easier to get both the cats at the same time than to bring the other cat later on.

2. Cat Tower

Another good method to ensure that your cat gets a lot of places to play and climb to get a good workout is a multi-tiered cat tower. You can get this online or in pet stores. Vets also suggest to place small treats in various parts of the tower to promote climbing and playing.

3. Spread Toys

Since cats’ tendency is to keep to themselves much higher than dogs, the most surefire strategy for cat exercise is to offer them a lot of choices in the form of toys. These toys need not be expensive ones. You can even place household items spread around to encourage your cat to get them and eventually get exercise. For example, you can keep balled-up pipe cleaners or table tennis balls.

4. Build a Hockey Rink

You can make the playtime even more fun and interactive by putting a ball in a bathtub or a large cardboard box to form an instant ‘hockey rink’ for your furry friend. As the ball goes flying over the walls and the cat flies after it, you will get some extreme amusement and your cat will get some much-wanted workout.charging

5. Lasers

Speaking of amusement, there are still more things which will entertain you even more, along with making your cat move still faster. These are laser pointers. However, you should follow it up with an actual toy that your cat can catch to avoid frustration over never getting hold of anything. Also make sure that you never throw the beam straight into the cat’s eyes.

6. Wand

This is a great means of exercise and a nice follow-up to the laser. Get a flexible wand-style toy having a mouse, feather or some such diversion on the far end. A wand of this type or a fishing-pole style toy offers a great workout and is normally extremely funny. It’s also absolutely satisfying for the hunter in your cat.

You can make it even more challenging by running the toy over the sofa, or up and down the stairs and enhance the intensity of the exercise.

7. Catnip

Catnip is great to give your cat a nice workout but as per the expert in veterinary care, it should be used properly. Keep in mind that not all cats respond to catnip and among those who do, very few will become forceful.

Also, never give catnip prior to a stressful situation like a visit to the vet.

Make your pets active and consult for a paralysis tick treatment for dogs at Gordon Vet Hospital and they will remain slim and healthy for years to come.