The luxurious and designer sofaset is the centre of attraction in your living room where you can spend a quality time with your family and friends. It must be highly reliable and customizable according to the likeness of the customer. It varies in its size, colour, design and material.  Nowadays sofaset with good quality, durability and delightful view is in the high demand as wished by customer. Sofasets are made up of using surplus of woods, best quality material and colors. It has reached high on the demand since sofasets have been offered at good market prices.

Types of Sofaset

Sofaset has 10 types in all like Camelback, Cabriole, Chesterfield, Chaise, English rollarm, Daybed, Settee, Lawson, Mid-century and Tuxedo. Sofa set can be classified as classic, modern and transitional styles. The camelback sofa has arch at its back on either side. The back of sofa has generally one or two humps. It has been designed in the traditional way such that it gives it an elegant look and that can be placed anywhere at home or offices.

 The name chaise comes from chaise lounge which means long chair. Daybed has its peculiarity as it can be used as a couch in day and as bed at night. Daybed is a good choice for whom they need extra space for sleeping. In Settee, it is defines by straight at its back and small space dwellers. Tuxedo sofa and chesterfield sofa have its arms and back with the same height. Mid-century sofa is the perfect choice for Mad men artistic pattern.

You can style your home with luxurious sofasets. You can find various ranges of colors, designs and style options in furniture online. You can get sofasets of your choice to be delivered at your doorstep. Paying option will be cash on delivery or you can also use your credit or debit card. Also payment can be equated in monthly installments which can be flexible option for you.