You can be qualified for tax deduction given that you are able to meet the qualifications and criteria of your state. Certainly, moving may cost you lesser once tax is deducted. However, there are certain criteria that you need to understand and bear in mind to get the benefit of tax deduction.3

What makes a move qualified for tax deduction?

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) qualifies a move for tax deduction only if it is for job relocation purposes. Any job-related reason such as transferring to a new work location or looking for a new job is allowed by IRS. The agency will have to make sure that you are employed to your new job on a full time basis about 39 weeks for 10 months. The number of weeks allotted should not be spent with a similar job that you had before instead a full time job situated in a similar area.

You should know that the 50-mile rule also applies to this one. Some may think that they can qualify for tax deduction once their working place is 50 miles distant from their previous job locality. The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) makes it clear that 50-mile rule applies when your new work location is 50 miles away from your house.

In case that you own a business and you want to relocate, you may also qualify for moving deductions upon meeting the 39 weeks and 50-mile rule just like when you want to find the right synthetic grass provider. For people who are self-employed, there is what we call 78 weeks rule along with the 50-mile rule. They should work in their new working location full time for 78 weeks. Apparently, there are rules and criteria that you have to meet to fully get your tax deduction benefits.

What expenses are deductible of tax?

The costs associated for connecting and disconnecting of your household utilities are fully tax deductible. When moving with your pets and cars to a new location, the transportation or transfer cost is also deducted. Whether you hired best cheap removalists in Sydney or not, the expenses related to transporting your personal belongings as well as household goods are deductible to your tax.

One day after your things have been relocated to your new house, your lodging expenses can also be deducted from your tax. Travelling by car or any public vehicle or utility is fully tax deductible. Deductions are applicable for the vehicle fare, gasoline, toll fee and other related expenses. However, your meal expenses, maintenance and repairs are not included.

There is nothing to worry about your moving expenses if you have met all the criteria and qualifications. If your reason falls under the given qualifications, then you are fit for tax deductions. It is important that you understand these rules to get the most of your moving plans. Relocating to a new place for work or business purposes can be stressful due to the money-related expenses. But the moment you realized that moving can be tax deductible, you’ll surely achieve your goals in your new place. The Internal Revenue Services wants the best for you of your relocation goals.