The triturating juice extractors popularly known as twin juicers fall in the category of kitchen equipment that every nutrition lover should have. Not that the traditional pressure juicers are not ideal, but wait till you need to multitask or get juice from some tough vegetables. However, with the twin juice extractors, you can multitask and satisfactorily yield – see more at


The dual gear juicers represent a category of juice extractors that are user-friendly, powerful, durable, compact, and a lot of satisfied users can testify to this. Just as technological innovations would not stop revolving; the twin gear juicers are here to take the place of the single gear juicers when the need for more capabilities arises.

However, some users relate the increase in the size of the twin gear juicer in comparison to the single geared ones as an advantage while some see it as a disadvantage. Because of this, we would look at some of the other merits and demerits of the twin gear juicers in comparison to the single gear juicers.

Merits and demerits of the twin gear juicers in comparison to the single gear juicers


Talking about the merits of the twin gear juicers, we would put its power at the top of the list. Definitely, one would get improved yield and higher efficiency when there is more power. This set of features just cannot be separated; they work hand-in-hand.

Some users complained about the little size of the twin gear juicer’s feeding chute; they say it takes a longer time to complete several batches of produce. Even though this looks minute, it still is a disadvantage that is worth noting. Well, there is a more important feature to make up for this; an ideal twin gear juicer would deliver the freshest juice having the optimum quantity of vitamins and micro-elements that are naturally existing.

The trituration technology with which the twin gear juicers work makes sure that after juicing, you are left with the optimum amount of healthy produce while it excretes very dry pulp.

Well, for starters, you should know that the more features a juicer has, the more it would cost. That is why the twin gear juicers cost more than the single geared ones. However, the little price difference that you pay when purchasing the juicer is like saving in the long term because you would spend more when considering the quantity of produce you would throw away as pulp if not thoroughly juiced. So, the increase in price is worth it.

Going for a juicer that would serve

In as much as the twin gear juicers have a lot of advantages, there are different types and one should make effort to consider the different features before selecting the right one. It wouldn’t be wise for an individual to purchase a huge juicer with numerous functions if all he needs is a small volume of juice just for a few people – better to go for a smaller one. Look out for other factors like the size, the ease of use, cleaning, the amount of space you have in your kitchen cabinet, and so on. Once you can do these, you would enjoy using your twin gear juicer in several ways.