Exchanges: From Dubai International Airport, your most solid option is a taxi ­– unless your lodging has offered you a free exchange. Taxis are cheap in Dubai and they are metered: flag fall is AED20 for a small vehicle or AED25 for a large vehicle (20 Arab Emirates Dirhams – about 5€) from the airport and Dh1.60 per kilometer thereafter. A fare into Deira might cost up to AED35 (about 9€), to Bur Dubai or Sheikh Zayed Road AED70 (17€), and to Jumeirah AED80 (20€).

Different choices are the Dubai Metro ( and the Dubai Bus (, be that as it may, a large portion of the transport administrations have now been supplanted by metro administrations, or involve a mix of metro and bus to reach your destination. Both sites

Getting around

Public transport: The Government’s Road and Transport Authority ( operates all public transport in Dubai, including the Dubai Metro and Dubai Bus services. Courses, timetables and admission data are accessible on its site.The super-clean and comfy Dubai Metro is best for shopping trips, connecting shoppers between many of the best malls, including Shopping center of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and City Center. Tickets run from AED1.80-5.80 (0,44€ TO 1,50€) per trip contingent upon what number of levels voyaged, and you can travel all over Dubai for a day for AED14 (3,50€).

Taxis: For me this is best alternative to find Dubai, is modest and straightforward. Dubai Taxi Corporation ( is the most expert administrator in Dubai. All taxis are metered. A short taxi ride around the city can cost as meager as AED20 (around 5€) or up to AED80 (20€) from one end of the city to the next. If you’re heading to Sharjah or taxi a taxi to the Northern Emirates, you’ll be charged an additional fee of AED20.

Auto contract: Those who need to see a greater amount of the UAE than just Dubai commonly lease autos at the air terminal. But do not make that as an option any more, recently I came across a website called which offers the best short and long term car rental dubai deals.

Keep in mind that the UAE has one of the highest road death rates in the world, drivers are reckless and they frequently break road rules, so the likelihood of an accident is high. Dubai’s traffic can be horrendous, so avoid driving between 8am and 9.30am, during lunch time, 4pm and 6.30pm (when everybody are going home), and around 8pm to 9pm on Thursday and Friday nights (when everyone goes out). Otherwise you will spend hours in traffic jam, especially on the highway from Dubai to Sharjah. Cautioning – If leasing an auto, abstain from driving in dust storms when perceivability is low and amid rain when streets are risky as a result of poor waste. Look out, too, for camels on highways. If you are looking for rent a car sharjah deals click here.