There are times in our lives when we all need to get away and make a change or “decompress” after spending hectic days working on hardware or software.  One great way to do this is to take a cruise.  Apple Vacations offers cruises to many locations where you can rest, enjoy new experiences and try new adventures including cruises to unique locales.  Popular on-board activities while at sea include cooking seminars for passengers aspiring to become amateur gourmet chefs.

While Joe and Diane had enjoyed true bliss since their marriage, there were times when Joe felt she needed to refine her cooking skills.  So when Joe was able to get tickets to take a week cruise at a special Apple Vacations reduced rate using a Groupon coupon he scheduled a week-long cruise to the Caribbean.  Diane was overjoyed when he told her.   And she enjoyed taking classes in French and Italian cuisine given during the voyage.  He even attended some sessions.  But he spent his time at finance seminars and basic computer applications; he was seeking a way to “recoup his investment” as he tactfully put it.  However, using the Groupon special reduced their cruise fare by a significant amount while helping him get his wife some badly needed cooking lessons.

As a free-lance artist’s income was erratic and Joe was grateful for Diane’s support.  He’d spend his earnings on her whenever he sold one of his works.  But he felt guilty about his wife being the only reliable wage earner.  Once at a local watering hole he listened to someone describe a cooking class given during a vacation.  Joe remarked that he wasn’t at all interested in cooking, but he wished his wife was.  The bartender suggested he consider cooking classes at sea, an idea that led to Joe and Diane sailing the following month.  They spent 5 days taking cooking classes, learning finance theory and touring exotic islands and spotless beaches.  They returned relaxed and feeling they’d both learned things they could use to make their lives more filling.  Diane was pleased Joe was thinking more practically.  Joe was glad she was more comfortable in the kitchen.  A restful vacation had positive long-term benefits for them both.