Getting fit after recovering from an injury can be pretty tough, but it’s certainly doable especially if you give it time. There’s no need to rush the process, so it’s better if you take your time and try to be consistent with your workouts and exercises.

Take a moment to consider the following fitness tips that’ll help you get back to your ideal physique.

  1. Ask permission from your doctor.

The first step to getting back to fitness is to ask permission from your doctor if you’re already allowed to exercise or workout after recovering from an injury.

  • Even though the previously injured part of your body seems to be okay and has healed already, you’ll still want to get a go-signal from your doctor.
  • You should avoid doing exercises or workouts if you still feel pain, swelling, or stiffness on the previously injured part of your body.

Being active too soon can put you at risk to re-injury, so make sure that you get an okay from your doctor first before exercising or working out.

  1. Take it slow.

Once you’ve got your permission from your doctor, it’s important to take your time to adapt yourself to a new routine especially when you haven’t exercised for quite some time.

  • Set your targets low first so you can allow yourself to adapt to them. Pushing yourself too much when you just recovered from an injury can result in re-injury.
  • Taking it slow beginning from light exercises and increasing the intensity of your workout over a couple of weeks will ensure that you build up your muscle foundation again which is essential to getting to the ideal physique you once had.

  1. Get plenty of rest, too.

Since your body hasn’t been active for a while because of an injury, it’ll take some time before it can fully recuperate every time you workout. It’s important to allow your body to fully recover after exercising if you don’t want to get re-injured again.

  • Exercising at least once a week at the start and then increase the intensity over the first couple of months will help ensure that your body is getting enough time to get used to being active again.
  • Getting fit after recovering from an injury is like you’re starting over again. It might be frustrating to start at the beginning, but what’s important is that you certainly know your way to getting fit again.

Not all injuries are the same. Each of them is unique and different. This means that your recovery from an injury will also be different. Be wary of your injury recovery before thinking about getting fit. Always consult with your doctor for instructions on how to get fit after your injury.

But as much as you want to get fit and stay active immediately, you might want to prioritize your recovery from an injury first. You won’t be able to exercise and get fit without being fully recovered from your injury. To help you achieve full recovery, we suggest you contact one of the personal injury lawyers from Alpert Schreyer Injury Attorneys, especially if your injury was caused by other people’s negligence. So you can be on your way towards getting fit and active after your successful recovery from an injury.