Your conversion rates equate to the percentage of your potential customers who choose to follow through with the particular act you want them to do. Your desired acts may include emailing your business to make an enquiry, signing up to a mailing list, or making a purchase and, put simply, your conversion rates are key to maintaining and improving your profit margins in an increasingly competitive online landscape.


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You may already be happy with your conversion rates, but you should be providing no room for complacency because there is always room for improvement.

If your conversion rate is sitting at 5% and you were to spend £2,000 on advertising that attracted 2,000 customers, you would secure 100 new customers for your business. Sounds good, right? However, if you were to push your conversion rate up to 6% your business would attract 120 customers without spending an extra penny on advertising. Additional profit without additional outlay is always great for business.

Increasing Online Conversions

There are several ways to boost your conversion rates and working closely with your team specialising in web design in Belfast will help you achieve many of these quickly and efficiently. Look for a company with a comprehensive skillset, such as


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1. Prove Yourself

Collate reviews from your customers posted on social media platforms or collected via your website or email and ensure they are clearly displayed on your website. As this Search Engine Land article explains, many people don’t only look for reviews before purchasing anything, they trust them as much as personal recommendations, so make sure yours are easily discoverable.

2. Be Clear

Ensuring your customers can access the information they need quickly and efficiently is vital. Clearly display your contact information, including a phone number and, if possible, live message options to ensure your potential customers feel confident that you are a real and trustworthy business.

3. Confidence Guarantees

If something goes awry, your customers will want to know that a resolution will be simple and hassle free. A 30-day guarantee is great, but even longer ones tend to increase conversions significantly. If your customers do end up having an issue, aim to work through things as quickly as possible because although sometimes unavoidable issues arise, how you handle them will be the thing your customer remembers most clearly.