Getting fired is certainly one of the worst feelings ever. Even if you were unhappy or were struggling with your previous position, losing the job suddenly can leave you devastated. Termination from work can force you to be overwhelmed with lots of negative emotions such as embarrassment, self-pity, shame, depression, and worthlessness.

It’s not easy to bounce back after losing a job that you valued so much, but you need to move on from this episode if you still want to have a good future.

Follow these tips to help you cope mentally after getting fired from your job so you can move on and find another work without wasting time.

  1. Allow yourself to grieve.

It can be a lot to take in after getting fired from your job so allow yourself to grieve for the loss.

  • Accept what happened and allow yourself to process your mixed emotions.
  • You can also try to give yourself a good amount of time to feel sorry for yourself especially if the job was so valuable to you.

Keep in mind to not grieve over your termination for a long period. Remember that you can still look for a new job.

  1. Avoid making comparisons.

Comparing yourself after losing your job to your previous colleagues won’t help as it will only lead to self-pity and worthlessness.

  • If you compare yourself to your previous colleagues, you will risk yourself falling into despair, and you’ll begin to think that there’s no hope for you in your career.
  • You should stop thinking about others and focus on yourself. Remember that life goes on and you need to move forward.

  1. Learn to understand what went wrong and why you got fired.

It’s important also to understand the reasons for your termination. Being fired for poor performance means you lack something and you have more things to work on. It’s important that you’re aware of your shortcomings. Be sure to identify your shortcomings so you can avoid carrying them to your next job.

  • Start by checking out all your employer reviews and take note of the things you were previously praised for doing before. You’ll want to use these for your next job.
  • Consider the suggestions made by your previous employer before especially about your development and performance.

Being terminated from work can be very devastating. But if you try to open up and allow yourself to accept what happened, you can turn this disruptive life event into greater and more rewarding opportunities. Instead of focusing on what happened, you may want to focus instead on how you can move on from this episode and what actions you’ll need to take to do so.

There can be a lot of issues and situations at work that may lead to your termination. But if you think that you were wrongfully terminated from a job, you have the right to make a claim. Consult with an employment issues attorney. Weisblatt Law Firm have skilled and experienced employment issues attorneys that are willing to help employees and employers alike to solve disputes within the company or business.