Getting back to work after an injury can be a lot to take in. Missing significant time from work may affect your confidence which may leave you worrying about your job. You start to worry if you still have your job or not, or if you already lost your position to somebody else while you’re away.

If you’re looking to get back to work after an injury, take a moment to consider the following tips to help you return without risking yourself.

  1. Don’t go back to work if you’re not ready yet.

Getting back to work too early can affect your injury especially if it hasn’t fully recovered yet. You must get an okay from your doctor first before you’re allowed to get back to work.

  1. Be sure to return to work after getting an okay from your doctor.

Be sure to return at an exact date if your doctor has already permitted you to get back to work.

  • Your employer might’ve already known about your return date from the doctor in advance, but if you fail to return to work at the exact date given, it can result in implications to your job or your position.
  • You may also talk to your attorney if maybe you’re allowed to have an incremental return to work especially if you just recovered from a serious injury.

The doctor may also give you light-duty restrictions before getting back to work. He will probably suggest that you avoid heavy-duty tasks and make a list of things that you must avoid doing for now. Be sure to get a copy of these restrictions and present it to your employer upon returning to work to ensure that you won’t be pushing yourself too much which can delay your full recovery.

  1. Be sure to document any maltreatment from your employer upon returning to work.

If you think you’re being mistreated at work by your employer because you were away for awhile, you may want to document these actions.

  • Document the actions on the part of your employer which can be considered as punishment or discrimination for your injuries or restrictions.
  • For instance, if your employer asks you to go beyond your light-duty restrictions, be sure to document this as much as you can.
  • Write down details of what happened including the date and time, and then report it your attorney.

There’s no time limit set on when you can get back to work after an injury. So be sure to take your time so you can get full recovery from your injuries. Don’t worry about missing too much time from work and rushing yourself into returning as soon as possible even though you’re not medically cleared. Talk with your supervisors or employer before returning to work. You should let them know about your current condition upon returning to work because they would want to help you as much as they could.

Be sure to contact an employment law attorney from Braverman Law PC if you need help.