Amidst the excitement of buying the latest smartphone with features to blow the mind, give some thought to its preservation. Enemies are water and dust, being dropped on hard floors, getting a cracked screen and even theft. Excessive sun and polluted air need to be avoided too. Online shopping is the new trend that is safe and cost-effective, bringing an immense range within the fingertips in the car or out in the park, at home or in the cinema hall. All that is needed is an internet connection and a vast world of business and social media, administration, entertainment and research have all opened up as if by magic.


Compare prices online for Mobile Covers! Just like shop hopping at the mall to get the best deals, scout around a few websites. What is apparent is that plenty of attractive designs are on offer. Maybe the flip cover serves the purpose of safety best with both sides concealed from dust and spills. Cases are good too. Sleeves are of not much utility. Besides, covers are manufactured according to the brands and models of phones, each with a different requirement. A screen guard is required too, and that requires additional spending besides the cover.

Some mobile covers only beautify the back of the phone and leave the screen interface exposed to every kind of danger, though protected by a screen guard. Every kind of cover essentially hides that pretty phone from strange eyes, but that is necessary for protection sake.

If a budget has been decided upon, maybe a style, color, and design too, buying the cover is easy. Being specific does help in the shopping process, considering whatever the list might contain. Luckily, the competition between vendors in the huge market lessens prices. Yet, if something is dead cheap like Rs.149, it probably won’t meet the expectations. Cheap imitations flood the online marketplace.

On the other hand, a price like Rs.1899 may be too big a price to pay. Rs.549 seems to be a good price, being assured of a standard product with lots of fancy designs that are very colorful and striking. Wanting to attract attention has many ways and cool mobile covers would become instant conversation topics at the college canteen or the coffee shop in the town.

Abstract art, contrasting blacks and whites, mythological and cartoon characters are very much in vogue. Let there be some color and excitement instead of blacks and grays alone. A striking red Superman, mafia, civil war, floral wood, the wolf and Iron Mask should all do fine at the right price!