Things can often go wrong but there are more chances of that happening when you are not around to protect the things and belongings you hold dear to you. Everyone needs to go away on a short break to rest and recharge. This helps you to come back fresh and rejuvenated to tackle the everyday stresses of life.

However it is vital that you prepare and plan well ahead of time to ensure you have thought of ways to keep your property and belongings safe whilst you are away. This could mean things like installing security cameras, locking all doors and entryways and even organising car relocation.3

  • Ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on things. This can be of great help as they can check things like mail and even take out the garbage and keep your front yard looking clean and tidy so no one suspects the house is unoccupied.
  • Keep you travel plans off social media. Don’t post too much about where and when you plan to travel on social media as you never know who might read the post and get ideas. Thieves and hackers are always looking to prey and pounce on those who share too much and this could be your downfall if you are used to blabbering every tiny detail of your life online.
  • Ensure your security is super tight. Make sure you have your security cameras and alarms switched on and have alerted the nearest police station of your travel plans and the duration of your stay so they can contact you in case of any emergency.
  • Keep all expensive belongings in a safe place. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can plan on where you want to store your expensive possessions. Things like cars or motorbikes are easy targets. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to look after them for you, they can be relocated to the new place. If you have a lot of cash and jewellery, consider an electronic safe as it will be really useful.
  • Contact the post office and tell them to hold your mail and packages. If you have a lot of subscription mails and have ordered packages before your travel, consider contacting the local postal office and let them know of your travel plans so they can hold the packages and mail for you till you arrive. Piles of uncollected mails and packages on your front door is tell-tale sign that no one is home and this can alert unwanted parties to your property.
  • Switch off electronics. Ensure you check all lights and other electronics are turned off before you leave. You want to ensure that you enjoy your trip and come back relaxed no find out that you have been charged a huge amount because you left the kitchen light switched on.

By following the above travel tips, you can be sure to keep your property and belongings safe and also enjoy your overseas trip whether it’s a beach getaway or African safari.