Romance and the exotic land of Bali, Indonesia go hand in hand. If you’re planning a trip with your true love to the island and your chosen place is Seminyak, then we have several tips you could use:

  1. Sealife exploration

This may not be the first idea to come to mind, but it’s particularly effective when it comes to couples. It’s your chance to surprise and amaze your beloved. If you’re not into snorkeling, then you can hire a boat with a glass bottom that lets you see through.


  1. Infinity pool twilight

There are pool villas Seminyak locals’ rent out to visitors, and that you can have for a more than decent price. If you’re looking to save money, do yourself a favour and book one night in one of these places in Seminyak. You’ll have a stunning infinity pool. Just picture its clear water mirroring the twilight and the views you would have over the ocean.

  1. The secrets of exotic cuisine

Cooking meals together is a bonding experience for the couple. You can both score extra points if you learn to prepare delicious Indonesian dishes and there’s no better place to learn than Bali. Seminyak offer cooking classes for tourists and teaches you everything, from selecting the right ingredients.

  1. Rice paddie field trip

It may sound like it’s more effort and less pleasure, but rice paddies are places that offer very romantic spots for visitors. You can wine and dine your lover here. Many have even proposed in such decorum. The facilities are quite impressive – it’s not all just about agriculture, as you would think.

  1. The Petitenget-Seminyak beaches

The beach strip between these two locations is expanding the tourism offer with new beaches which are quiet and a lot less crowded. It’s the perfect place for a stroll, a swim or for sunbathing. You’ll have more privacy and time for yourself than at the heart of the resort.

  1. High tea in Seminyak

Seminyak is home to many English cafes, pubs or tea houses. Some of these are pretty posh and quite romantic, too. It would be a good idea perhaps to take your loved one for an afternoon tea. You’ll see this British tradition being respected all the way. Select a tea salon with good reviews and a genuine British atmosphere. It will be unusual to have that in the middle of such an exotic place.

  1. Music on the beach

In Seminyak, you can attend music and travel festivals or live gigs on the beach. Many venues cater to live music so you’ll have plenty to choose from. The lively atmosphere, the fun, the sounds and everything about it will make you feel like a teenager again, wild and free and happily partying next to your beloved. It’s liberating and rejuvenating.

  1. Cultural sightseeing

Workshops, villages and temples are among the most popular attractions in Seminyak cultural tours. These are particularly enjoyed by romantic couples, who can explore, learn and grow together, in an immersive exotic experience that’s simply one of a kind. Book a tour – you may also want to book a photo shoot later.

Speaking about photo shoots, Seminyak offers picture perfect locations which are often employed as wedding backdrops. If you’re actually planning to get married in Bali, you can ask at hotels about local wedding planners.