As the internet has become the preferred way of shopping for millions of consumers, so it has also opened up new opportunities for businesses to attract customers with offers tailored to their tastes.

Marketing teams have been quick to embrace the opportunities offered by big data and artificial intelligence. Major online retailers like Amazon have been using these techniques for some time. Ever notice how spookily accurate their online ads and email campaigns are at showing you things you might want to buy? But how does it work, and how can it benefit your business?



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Knowing Your Customer

Businesses have more information about their customers than ever before. Whether this comes from online transactions or from loyalty card schemes, it represents a goldmine of information for marketers. Once you know what someone has bought before, then it becomes possible to suggest things they may want in future. This applies just as well to buying T-shirts as to downloading music or streaming movies.

The same technique can be used to analyse what people are searching for on your site so that you can optimise it to bring those items to the fore and make them easier to find.

Machine Learning and SEO


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This is an area where machine learning and artificial intelligence can feed into the design of your site. Knowing what people look for and what keywords they are using can help you improve your SEO to direct people to the right products.

A Dublin SEO specialist like can help you to design your site so that consumers are directed to the type of content they like more effectively. Of course, this is only part of the picture. Getting people to the site is one thing: once they’re there, you need to be able to offer them a good user experience.

AI can help here too. It can be used to generate dynamic content which will anticipate what the customer will want to do next. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to combine the predictive power of machine learning with a dash of human creative flair in a hybrid approach.

Machine learning isn’t a complete answer in itself, but used effectively it’s a valuable tool to allow you to take the right business decisions.