From installing a dream swimming pool to converting your attic space into a home cinema, there are many big ticket things you can do to add value to your home; however, as every detail matters, there are many smaller, more attainable ways to add value without undertaking any overwhelming or expensive work.


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1. A lick of paint

If you have never painted a room, you will be surprised at the huge transformative effect a simple lick of paint can have. A neutral colour will ensure rooms look airy and spacious, helping prospective buyers to imagine how they will put their own stamp on a property.

2. Tiles

A well-tiled kitchen and bathroom will look polished and put together. Choose white rectangular tiles for an elegant, clean aesthetic, or be a little more playful with modern hexagonal shapes.

3. Ultra-modern dark grout

Light grout can easily look grubby very quickly. The alternative of keeping things modern with darker grout will avoid those issues whilst looking fresh and modern.


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4. It is all about wood floors

Smart engineered wood flooring from a stockist such as is hugely appealing. Wood flooring comes in a variety of styles and colours and is suitable for creating a welcoming ambience in every home.

5. The hub of your home

A new kitchen can easily cost thousands; however, you can cut costs and still transform your space by replacing tired doors and worktops. Even something as simple as changing the handles on the cupboards can make a huge difference.

6. First Impressions

First impressions really count. Replacing your front door and tidying up your front garden are easy steps to take and will make an enormous difference.

7. Outside space

When tending to the front of your property, don’t forget about your back garden! A few bedding plants and elegant plant pots can make a world of difference without breaking the bank.

8. Cosy carpet

Unattractive carpets can be seriously unappealing to prospective buyers. If your carpets are looking past their best, make sure you replace them with something smart and neutral.

9. Space and light

Mirrors are the best friend of every interior designer. Place large mirrors opposite windows to bounce light around the space and give rooms a larger, airier feel.