There is a key necessity of the “team approach” to the wound management, and for a good reason. Usually, a wound is a symptom of an underlying cause that can be quite damaging to us, which is why if you ever feel pain in your legs or somewhere else, make sure you get that checked. For those who have feet problems, you should contact podiatry Maroubra like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

Patients who are affected by chronic wounds are the ones who usually have a higher level of acuity compared to those who do not present with any kind of wounds. For you to understand the importance of podiatry for wound care, you will have to ask yourself a rhetorical question: Without the contribution and the presence of podiatrist, where would the wound care specialty be?

There are many different ways a podiatrist is able to help you with the underlying condition

Diabetic foot ulcer

If you need a good example, just take a look at the diabetic foot ulcers. They are always seen as a marker of a much bigger problem than just pain. The presence of a diabetic foot ulcer is connected with the heart attack, stroke, amputation, renal disease and peripheral arterial disease. Over sixty percent of nontraumatic amputations will occur in people who have diabetes.

Also, take into consideration that about 1.2 mil people develop a foot ulcer each year, which includes 5% of the population of the US with over 24 million people who have diabetes. On the other hand, you have the 2.9 million people who have a history of foot ulcers, which is, again, 12% people with diabetes.

About 60% of lower-limb amputations will happen in people who have diabetes while about 85% people with diabetes of lower-limb amputations are seen with foot ulcers. This is the perfect example how a simple painful wound can help determine something much more serious. If you think you are suffering from something serious, then contact foot doctor Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.



Today, the podiatrists have become the lead people on the team for the wound management, because they are often the ones who will recognize an underlying condition and a life-threatening wound. A typical examination of the lower extremity with the focus of a podiatrist means that the patient will be considered from 4 views: vascular, orthopedic, dermatologic, and neurologic.

Visiting a podiatrist is essential for all of you who want to lead a healthy life

These 4 points are actually very important to properly treat the owner extremity wound. When the etiologies from these four areas overlap often it can cause complications for the treatment plan which is necessary to heal the wounds. Because of the expertise of podiatrists, it can sometimes be necessary to have their focus and concentrate on other body systems too.

The fact is that our health all comes from our legs, and that is something that athletes and people who have active lives could all agree on. This is why you should never avoid the inevitable, and as soon as you feel like there might be something wrong with your feet, make sure that you visit a podiatrist, as he/she will be able to put you on the right track to recovery.

Final word

Simply put, the role of a podiatrist is very important in the wound healing problems. Without the contributions that we got from podiatrists, who knows where we would have been and how many problems we would have had. This is why you need to understand the importance of visiting your podiatrist on time!