Technology never stands still, and in digital marketing there are a number of new tech trends that every savvy business should be aware of, to stay ahead of their game. But are businesses ready to take the new tech trends on board?


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The New Trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, but one area that remains at the forefront of website owners’ minds is that of SEO. In particular, content marketing and SEO are rapidly converging, so that marketers need to understand consumer intent and target their content with this in mind.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is also a trend that has been gaining prominence in recent times. Businesses that make use of this technology can hone their SEO strategies and make the search process more efficient. Similarly, voice search is an upcoming trend that cannot be ignored by forward-thinking businesses.

Responding to Trends

Surprisingly, despite many businesses being fully aware that these tech trends are the next big thing in digital marketing, not all of them are responding accordingly.


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In a survey, 30% of digital marketing respondents believed that voice search was the next big trend to arrive, yet two-thirds of these have not yet got any plans in place to implement voice search.

Similarly, 32% of survey respondents claim that AI is the latest tech trend waiting in the wings, but 57% of those people aren’t actively doing anything to respond to this emerging trend.

Worryingly, over 25% of those surveyed actually believe that mobile is the next big thing. They’re a little behind the times already, as mobile has well and truly arrived as a trend. According to Ecommerce Week, new research shows that visits to retail websites via mobile devices have, for the first time, overtaken desktop traffic. More than half of all traffic to retail websites now comes from mobile devices.

Time to Take Action

Experts believe that digital marketers should start to put plans in place to react to these trends. A good place to start would be to employ the services of a web development company in London, such as, who are fully aware of the tech trends and can implement these within a website.

As a matter of urgency, those businesses that are not yet mobile ready should prioritise getting this set up.