Reputation management company New York magazine released an article in last month’s edition in the online reputation management New York section and it featured a site,, as a tool suggestion for your business’ online reputation management.

What is Hootsuite?

It is a tool for your online reputation management, specifically specializing in social media management. Hoot suite has secured over 10 million accounts. They offer many different solutions and products for your social media management needs.Image result for Reputation Management Company In New York

It’s engagement solution is meant to save you time while effectively communicating with your consumers that want to interact with you. It grants multiple people from your brand to access the platform and respond with only a minimal amount of effort and clicks. You can also create a pre-written response to popular posts in order to save time but also engage back with customers. This is an important online reputation management tool as it is efficient and practical.

Reputation management company New York also notes that it has an analytics feature where you can monitor your online reputation management efforts, this is something that a reputation management company would charge you for. The online reputation management New York article goes into detail about how they display your brand’s metrics and how they develop your brand’s reports as a summation of how well your online reputation management is going.

Overall, Hootsuite offers you the same or similar services to that of a reputation management company without charging you and obscene amount of money that your brand cannot afford to allot towards online reputation management. Their other products that you can look at on their website include, campaigns, amplify, media platforms, extensions, mobile apps, etc. Short of running all your online reputation management efforts for you, Hootsuite gives you everything you need to successfully execute a well thought out and well monitored online reputation management system without having to hire an external reputation management company.