Sometimes making lots of little changes in your property can have more impact than one big change – think of it as marginal gains for the home. Here are seven more quick fixes to do this weekend.




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Unstick those stickers


Have your children stuck stickers all over the house, then grown bored with them? Heat gently with a hairdryer until you can peel off the sticker, then remove any residue with soapy water, nail varnish remover or WD-40, depending on the surface.

Clean a dirty decanter

Half fill the decanter with hot water and add two tablespoons of white vinegar, two good handfuls of uncooked rice and a couple of drops of washing up liquid. Swirl a couple of times, rinse in hot water and air dry.

Clean your lino

You can use white toothpaste or WD-40 to clean your old lino, or you could replace it with affordable engineered wood flooring from a supplier such as This looks beautiful and is easy to keep clean and maintain.



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Plump up your pillows

You don’t have to do a thing! Simply place flattened pillows and cushions in a sunny spot and watch them plump as if by magic. It is the sun drying out the accumulated moisture that helps your cushions to puff up a treat.

Change a stuck lightbulb

If you have a screw fitment lightbulb you need to change and it won’t budge an inch, use duct tape to shift it. Tear of a foot-long piece of tape and stick the centre to the base of the bulb, then fold the two ends back on themselves to make handles. Hold each end firmly and twist to the left (anticlockwise). The bulb should twist out with ease.

Revive your chopping board

Gently heat some pure mineral oil by putting the bottle in hot water, then pour onto a cloth and wipe over your wooden chopping boards. Leave for six to eight hours to penetrate, then wipe away the excess.

Quick cable tidy

A plant pot, wastepaper basket or even a bright bucket is a great cable tidy – just coil your spare cables and drop them in your chosen container.