Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) might sound easy, but it’s a complex process that seems designed to frustrate applicants. SSD benefits are intended to provide financial aid to people who can’t work due to physical or mental disabilities. The Social Security Administration’s definition of disability is very restrictive. It has three requirements, all of which must be met. Those are that:

  • You can no longer do the work that you used to do
  • Your medical condition or disability won’t permit you to do other work
  • Your disability has lasted for a year, or you expect a present disability to last for a year, or you expect your disability to be fatal

Most applications are denied
More than half of all SSD applications are denied every year. Applications must be properly submitted in accordance with applicable highly complicated rules and regulations. Along with a suitable work history, highly specific medical evidence must accompany the application. If you don’t understand each and every requirement, it’s likely that your SSD application will be denied.


It doesn’t cost anything to retain us
At Snow, Caprio&Weekley, PLC, you’ll find a Phoenix Social Security Disability attorney who has successfully represented others who have been awarded SSD benefits. If you’re disabled and can’t work, you can contact us for a free consultation and SSD benefits evaluation. No legal fees or costs are required to retain us either. We’re sympathetic with the situations that our clients are in. That’s why we work for them on a contingency fee basis. Clients never have to pay us any legal fees at all unless we obtain their SSD benefits for them.

We’ll work with you from the start
Having the benefit of an experienced attorney working on your case from your first step forward can make the difference between an approval or a denial. We not only represent SSD applicants with their claims, but we also assist clients in appealing denied claims. You must act fast at every stage though. Strict time limits apply. For example, if you fail to file a timely appeal, your denial is final. That doesn’t mean that you can’t retain us and submit a new application though.

Beware of representatives who aren’t attorneys
Some people retain a representative to assist them in their SSD claim on the mistaken belief that he or she is an attorney. They later learn that their representative never even went to law school. It’s unfortunate that the law allows such representatives to represent SSD applicants, especially when applicants represented by an attorney are far more likely to receive benefits than those who are not.

The chances of your SSD application being approved are much better when you work with the knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate SSD attorneys at our offices. Should your application be denied, you already have an attorney for the reconsideration and appeal processes. If you’re disabled, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Our goal is to obtain full Social Security Disability benefits for you.