Testosterone is classified as a classical male sex hormone that is produced in large amount males. Many people think that is present only in males, but the truth is quite different. Though testosterone is synthesised in the male’s gonads, a small amount is also secreted by ovaries in females. Many of the steroid that is present in the market deal with the level of the hormone that is synthesised in the body. Some people do state that the use of testosterone can lead to the loss of fat in the body. It is important to understand the reason and causes before believing what people say and why.


In many cases, the deficiency of the testosterone hormone in the body leads to the stunted growth along with adecrease in the development of the body, especially during the puberty. Children when suffering from a deficiency of the hormone do go for hormone replacement therapy which then restores the proper growth of the person. The level of hormone does not remain the same throughout a person’s lifetime. It is produced at an increased level in the puberty but decreases gradually as a person ages. In most cases, testosterone level is found to be least in the body in people above 65 years. In recent years people have claimed that testosterone is associated with weight loss. The medical and experimental significance of the fact is not well established behind this claim.

Female’suse of testosterone

In recent years, the use of testosterone is increasing in females. Testosterone hasbeen associated with the development of different types of the muscles in the body. In males, it has been associatedwith the puberty for deepening of thevoice, increase in facial hair. It is also associated with sperm production and increase in the volume of semen along with the maturation of genitals which is a characteristic of the adolescent period. In females, the main sex hormone is estrogen, which is required in the puberty. A small amount of the testosterone is also produced in females by the ovaries which are required to take care of the normal processes in the body. An increase in the amount of testosterone leads to the development of the thickening of body structure along with an increase in the hair. It is due to this reason that careful regulation of the substitute level is essential in females.

Weight loss in females

A study conducted in obese male where testosterone replacement was doneover a period decreased the weight in them. It is thought that testosterone helps in removal of the fat from the body along with anincrease in the lean muscle that is associated with weight loss. Care must be taken for testosterone use in females as more amount of it would disrupt the balance of the estrogen to testosterone.  In fact, medically the use of this hormone is not recommended for females in any of the different forms (patch or cream). It is due to these increased risks that women can use a low dose of the hormone with other mixed constituents only under doctor’s supervision.