If there is one thing that seems to have taken over, especially in the recent past, it is advertising. No, it has not just taken over, it has strengthened its grip over the years, having established its roots a long time ago. However with modern day advancements in technology and the like, advertising too like all other industries before it has progressed and developed by leaps and bounds. Today, it is astonishing and quite impressive to see how far the field has come, especially when comparing advertising tactics of yore. That said, advertising is now also more freely available, and is meant not just for major companies looking to market their products and services, but even for small-scale retailers or even just average people looking to make announcements. These tips will help you make the most of your advertising signage, something which is mandatory.

Visibility and Legibility

Typically, most people tend to break these two separately so they deal with one or the other at a time, but our advice is to tackle them both at once. Why do you ask? Well, for one thing, the font you choose to go with maybe visible but not entirely legible, or it could also be the other way about. If you want to do the whole ‘two birds with one stone’ thing, then this is the perfect opportunity to do it. If your advertising signage cannot be seen nor read, then there really seems to be no point in wasting all this time, money and effort is there?

Keep It Simple

This is sound advice that can be used in basically almost all scenarios, but where advertising is concerned it fits like a glove. The aim is to hook people on with a teaser, so they can inquire to find out more if they wish. You are not meant to give away the entire circus. Including too much information even if it is visual, will only clutter your message and irritate people. They certainly are not going to bother wasting time deciphering it, so whether you deal with variable message signs or any other type of advertising signage, remember, Keep It Simple.

Take Your Time with Fonts

Often, people are in a hurry to have their advertising put out there, so they tend to sometimes rush through processes that they consider less important as a while. Font selection, unfortunately, falls into this category which is a pity. As it turns out, the font you end up choosing has a lot to do with… well, everything. As mentioned above, it is directly linked to visibility and legibility, which in turn is responsible for delivering the message. If nobody knows what on earth you are trying to say, how can you expect any sort of response?

Colour Combination

We totally understand that not every person is a digital Picasso in the making or anything, but if you plan to do business with advertising, you are going to need to develop an eye for this stuff. A one-time project is fine, since you can just enlist the help of someone for it, but if it is on the regular, even that person may not have the time of day to attend to your every beck-and-call. Which means that it is all up to you. Nothing to worry about though. Just ensure the colour is easy on the eye, not too jarring, and blends well with everything else so it does not obscure the end message.