Games are able to scare much better than the worst movie. After all, direct participation in the game process makes it much harder to perceive everything that is happening on the screen. Today’s collection is devoted to pocket horrors – scary games that you can play on your iPhone and iPad.

Manamonster presents three best scary games for iOS:

  1. Papa Sangre

We will start with an unusual game of Papa Sangre. Unusual for the simple reason that there is almost no graphics in it, and you need to play exclusively in headphones and rely only on hearing and some luck. Just imagine that you are in an absolutely dark room filled with monsters, and any of your steps can be the last. Of course, Papa Sangre is distinguished by a magnificent three-dimensional sound, which is the main pride of the developers. It is really scary to play in headphones, especially when you are making the wrong move.

  1. Hellraid: The Escape

Hellraid: The Escape – the prequel of the eponymous game for the older platforms – it is not so much a horror film as an excellent puzzle. However, the entourage of everything that happens makes the player constantly in suspense, waiting for the appearance of another monster or triggering a clever trap. The game is able to take not only your logic, but also your nerves. Well, Unreal Engine adds beauty to the dark dungeons of the mysterious castle.

  1. Dead Space

The Dead Space series is one of the most terrible games of recent years played on personal computers and consoles. Of course, Electronic Arts could not but give a little horror to the owners of mobile devices. Yes, the graphics look slightly outdated, but the competent management of dark and unexpected scenes makes Dead Space one of the worst games in App Store even now. Blood and torn limbs only add special atmosphere to the game.