Have you been to Singapore? If not, don’t worry! This travel guide will give you a lead of where to start head and end your tour for an ultimate fun experience. Every traveler has a specific goal they want to achieve, and lack of information can disorient such ambitions. So, when visiting One Visa Agency for the travel visa assistance, it’s crucial to have gone through these tips and prepared enough.


For any traveler, accommodation is a great concern, and in most cases, people will use hotels. Singapore has numerous hotels ranging from budget to luxurious ones. However, one will get the basic amenities like hot water, TV, and internet in almost all hotels in Singapore. Additionally, most hotels will offer airport transfer on request and being new to the country; this could be a superb arrangement. The beach hotels are many now that this country has a big beach line. So if you are looking to have a tranquil holiday, a beach resort will do the trick.

What and where to eat

Irrespective of where people go, they need to eat as part of survival. While in Singapore, the numerous delicacies will thrill your glands and will be coming from all corners. Depending on the budget one has an option to dine by the sidewalk restaurant and take a plunge into a luxurious restaurant for a buffet and end up paying tens of dollars. The popular foods include rice dishes, seafood, and dishes just to mention but a few. However, it’s easy to get any kind of cuisine in this great country.


The kind of weather in Singapore will definitely tell you what to wear. Singapore is a humid country and will usually have convectional rainfall in the afternoons. Therefore, natural fabric with an ability to breathe will provide utmost comfort all through your stay here. It’s highly recommended that one carry some medical creams which prevent chaffing or any other irritation caused by humidity. Shoes with breathing capabilities are the best for your travel.

Places to visit

The sandy beaches would be the best bet for most visitors. While the sandy beaches offer the best experience, it’s also good to consider other attraction sites that will make the visit a memorable one. If you prefer to enjoy glamour of Singapore, the famous marina bay offers a spectacular view of the city. When traveling with kids, the visit will not be complete without visiting the universal studio’s amusement parks. This park has various sections like the Hollywood and Madagascar themes which will definitely amuse the kids and adults alike.


Singapore is one of the best Asian countries to visit due to its friendly people and One Visa Agency in Singapore, rich attractions, and affordable hotels. It is also easy to shop around the city malls where one can find everything under one roof. You can also carry a map and GPS to help you navigate during the hikes and camp out if you are the adventurous type of a person.