It was the fair year of 1950 when video gaming took its birth from the cocoon of the technological oddity, and since then it has evolved over the last few years as one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the entire world. It is the boom of the mobile technology in the last few years that have actually revolutionized the entire market and opened the gates for the whole new generation of gamers. Over the years, the success of the gaming fraternities is qualified with the popularity that it has gained in the modern culture, allowing even the aged people to know what Angry Birds actually is.Image result for Video Gaming Walks Slowly But Steadily to Reach Homes within Three Decades.

While discussing the birth and evolution of gaming, an avid gamer, and a great enthusiast, Diana Wylde Solvang CA says, that it was the mathematical game of Nim that is considered to be the first game developed by Dr. Edward Condon back in 1940. Records say that almost 50,000 users played the game in the next six months, where 90% of the games being won by the computer. But it took almost next three decades to come up with the first game designed for the commercial home under the head of Ralph Baer in 1967. Coined as ‘Brown Box’, the game was a vacuum tube circuit that was to be connected with the television set and allowed the users to control the cubes that kept chasing each other on the screen. The latest and advanced technologies have been used later to add accessories and make the game much more powerful and enthralling.

It was soon after when public spaces like restaurants which started installing the video games to capitalize on this new craze and bring in more and more customers. The nature of the games generally sparked a competition spirit within the gamers who could record their highest scores with the initials of their name and find it on the top of the list. The sales rate of these restaurants went up to almost 65%, in spite of having the limitations to just players who were competing on the same screen.

Apart from gaining popularity in the commercial centers, and restaurants, the early years of the 1970s also found the gaining popularity of the personal computers and mass produced gaming consoles become a reality. Even Intel came up with their first microprocessor chip helped in enhancing the experience of the gamers and allowed them to create the legendary game of Gunfight in 1975, which is supposedly the first ever game developed with the human to human combat shooter platform.

While the latest generation finds its craze in Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, it was really hard for the people then to imagine having a platform that would allow them combating with each other virtually. This was more a matter of a public means of entertainment, and now it has already reached the homes developing young gaming enthusiasts like Diana Wylde SolvangCA. Although she is a student, she finds immense interest in the gaming trends and that allows her to look forward to her own entertainment. The world is changing, and along with it is changing the ways of living, and entertainment is a must for people to live. Gaming draws the path for the people to find it on their own.