When it comes to your business and the products you are selling, warranties is something extremely important to understand in order to be able to avoid any legal disputes that can occur. The reputation management team has a great service that they can provide for the legal disputes that can arise when warranty issues occur with businesses and consumers, or even B2B transactions. When it comes to warranties as part of the obligation of warranty, the seller may have to guarantee the buyer’s right of ownership as well as the quality of the item being sold. Normally if you purchase a product as is, you are removing the warranty as to quality. Under the Civil Code, you can sell something without a warranty. There are legal obligations in the contract that can be modified or almost entirely excluded with the result that the seller may have no obligation of warranty other for his or her own acts, such as the seller had stolen the object or had caused defects in it. When situations like this occur sometimes a consumer will write a bad article or review on the company and this is where the reputation management team comes in to suppress this issue. These modifications create a conventional warranty that replaces the legal warranty. When it comes to a legal warranty this is a warranty of ownership and a warranty of quality.Image result for online reputation management

When it comes to instalment sales, when you buy something on credit, you only become the owner after you have paid the last instalment. If ever they decide to take it back from you, they need to give you a 30 day notice and if you have paid more than 50% of it, you can go to court and get the product back. When it comes to instalment sales, the one rule is that a consumer can pay more than the amount they agreed upon at any time.