The ranking is the background process of the rummage engine, in which it determines the order of sorting of documents in conformity with their relevance, rank, and credibility. There are three groups of ranking circs.

External Circs

This is the entire external reference structure of the site. Rummage engines take into account the quality of references, the term of their existence, the level of trust of the referring site, placement on the page, naturalness, etc. This principle works on a “recommendatory basis”, that is, every webmaster has the right to recommend references to other resources on his website, but if the link is unnatural, corrupted or “twisted”, then both sites (acceptor and donor) can get a reprimand in the form of a superposition of filters.


Internal Circs

This is the quality of internal optimization. It takes into account the semantic core of the site, internal linking, thematic and connected structure, headlines and descriptions, the uniqueness of content that can be ordered here,  URLs, etc. Each webmaster can affect internal circs, and all that is required is to conduct a competent optimization of all the promoted pages. Sometimes due to internal circs, you can get good targeted traffic without any external promotion.

Behavioral Circs

They entered the ranking algorithms relatively recently, but they already made a lot of noise in the circles of optimizers and webmasters. Behavioral circs are also influenced by many other smaller components, including internal circs, but mostly it is site design, usability, and usefulness of content.

Ways to Ameliorate Your Website Ranking

In order to augment your site in rummage results and, accordingly, to collect more traffic, you can use several simple methods that do not require a lot of time and effort, but the result will be more than high.

Initially, you will need to create and configure a robots.txt file; it should be located in the main folder. It will perform useful functions and is intended to close necessary pages or sections from indexing by rummage engines, to reduce the load on the server, and to prevent duplication of content since this is why rummage robots lower the ranking of the site.

You also need to make a site map, since the rummage engines need to know which addresses your pages are located on, what information they have and how momentous it is for users. It is especially momentous to do this if your resource has many sections.

Then you need to augment the speed of the return of the pages since it also affects the ranking of the resource. To do this, add page caching and optimize their code, use a good hosting and remove all unnecessary from the site.

In addition, you can transfer styles and render scripts into separate files. Thanks to this, they will not clutter the code and slightly reduce the pages; as a result, the site will be loaded faster.

404th errors affect the ranking of sites, so they should be replaced with the 301st, i.e., to make redirects from non-opening pages to functioning ones. Having corrected this, you can very soon notice how your traffic and positions in the issuances augment.

Cross-posting works great in website promotion. This technique will improve the visibility of your resource on the network, and augment the back references, which in turn will raise the rating in the SERP.