Whether it’s negligence on the employee’s or employer’s part, fall accidents in a workplace can actually result in some serious injuries. Fall accidents can lead to serious injuries that may cause an employee to miss significant time from work. In some rare cases, a fall accident can even lead to disability, making it impossible for someone to get back to work.

Here, we’ll discuss more about fall accident at work especially their causes to make everyone aware of the injuries that may result from it.

Common Causes Fall Accidents at Work

Fall accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries. Although most of these fall accidents have only resulted in sprains, minor fractures, and hip fractures, a hard fall can actually lead to more serious injuries. A hard fall can lead to back and spinal cord injuries and brain injuries which can have long-lasting effects on a person.

There are many factors and situations that can cause a person to fall at work. Take a look at the most common of them.

  • Wet floors. Wet floors are responsible for the majority of the fall accidents in a workplace. Spilled water, ice, and grease are fall hazards. This is why regular cleaning is important in a workplace.
  • Polished floors. Marble, ceramic, and concrete floors can also be fall hazards especially if they’re highly polished. Polished floors can cause a person to slip and fall on their back or on their hips.
  • Stairways are where most of the serious fall accidents can happen. Lack of railings, poor visibility, poor lighting, and poor design of a stair can cause a person to fall from a height which can result in serious spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.
  • Holes in the ground. Holes on the ground are common at construction sites. A construction worker might fall into the hole especially if there’s no sign telling you that there’s a hole ahead.
  • Poor working conditions. Poor working conditions such as working outside on a muddy surface can cause workers to slip and fall.

What to Do Immediately After a Fall Accident at Work?

There two important steps to take after a fall accident at work and they’re the following.

  1. Seek emergency medical attention.

Emergency medical treatment should always be your top priority following a fall accident at work. Your medical care should be covered by your employer through the worker’s compensation insurance.

  • Even if your injuries after a fall accident don’t call for emergency medical care, you should always get yourself checked by a doctor to ensure that you don’t suffer from a concussion or any other type of injuries that are immediately apparent.
  • If you sustained an injury caused by a fall accident at work, the doctor’s medical report can be a lot of help in obtaining your compensation benefits later on.
  1. Notify your supervisor or your employer directly.

The second most important action to do is to report the fall accident immediately to your supervisor or employer.

  • Failure to notify your employer about the fall accident and your injuries within 30 days, will prevent you from receiving any compensation benefits.
  • By reporting the incident, the company will also be able to investigate the fall accident and take preventive measures to ensure that it won’t happen again.

If you suffered injury because of a fall accident at work, know that you’re also entitled to make personal injury compensation claim. Click here to get started on how to make a fall at work injury claim and receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.