More and more people are choosing black flooring, and not just because it looks super-cool. Surprisingly, in some circumstances, it can also be the most practical choice of colour.
However, for most people, it’s the desire for a statement floor that leads them to consider black in the first place. Black floors look stunning when contrasted against lighter furniture – for example, in a bedroom with white bedroom furniture and pale bed linen.

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Black floors give great design effects

Black also makes a fantastic background for vibrantly-coloured modern rugs. When you pick up one or more of the rug colours in accent pieces such as cushions or a vase, you can get a design that is both stylish and restrained. In fact, if you own a key piece such as a beautiful rug, a light coloured floor can actually kill it and make it look much less striking.

Similarly, if you’ve used metallic colours such as silver or gold in your interior scheme, a pale floor just won’t look right. In these opulent schemes, black is a great counterpoint, because it stops the look going over the top and allows you to add just a little more bling than you could otherwise. Look at these stunning room designs using black floors on houzz, the interior design magazine:

Best material choices for black floors

In the old days, if you wanted a wooden floor, it had to be brown, which isn’t the most inspiring colour for imaginative interiors. These days, with engineered wood flooring, such as that available from UK Flooring Direct (, you can get all the advantages of wood with a much wider range of colours and finishes.

This flooring is warm and authentic but can be used with a variety of wood styles and finishes. When it’s produced in black, you get the dramatic effect of a black floor, but you still see the grain and detail of the top layer of wood.

Some completely matt flooring materials look “too black” when you install them on a large surface, soaking up too much light. Engineered wood flooring catches the light even though it’s black, and therefore doesn’t darken the room to the same extent.

So go on then – be daring – go for a black floor!